Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Grodus and The Shadow Queen (Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door)

This villain is the leader of a scret organization called the X-Nauts. His only goal is to gather all the crystal stars to unlock the "Thousand Year Door" and revive the ruler of the Shadow Sirens, known as the Shaodw Queen and create a new world. The Shadow Queen, on the other hand is a thousand-year old demon that is still dead, yet it's body remains behind the gates of the Thousand Year Door.

For now I'm gonna talk about Grodus. He leads the X-Nauts throughout the entire game, and gets help from the Shadow Sirens. His fortress and base is located on the moon and he will send Crump, one of his commanders, or the Shadow Sirens to do his evil doing. It was revealed that when Peach arrived at a place called Rougeport, an X-Naut desguised as a salesman has somehow managed to capture her and take her to Grodus seeing this in the intro. You battle Grodus when you enter the Thousand Year Door and if you managed to defeat him, he will threten to murder Peach. Right about now, you might be wondering: "Why the heck does the X-Nauts wants with Peach?" Well, Grodus captured her to give the Shadow Queen as a gift, or a body to possess. But before Grodus could do anything, BOWSER along with Kammy, appears. Grodus then escapes with Peach to the Shadow Queen's chamber.


The true villain of the game is totally dangerous. When Grodus tried to get the Shadow Queen to join him, the Shadow Queen thought he ment to be his "slave," and destroyed his robotic body and blew his head away. She also represents all conflict. Legend has it that the Shadow Queen had appeared one day and waged war where the city of Rougeport stands. She destroyed the city, killing everyone who got in her way. The war was so bad, that the Earth shoock and the sky roared. The city was so badly damaged, that it sank underground. Another city was built above it, which is now what is called Rougeport. Her Shadow Sirens were now doing evil all across the world, killing armies of whoever got in their leader's way. After conquering many cities, the sirens stole the treasures of each town. The Shadow Queen then created three dragons. The dragons' names were Hooktail, Gloomtail, and the oldest of them all, Bonetail. They became her pets and began to spread horror to the lands. Thousands of years passed, and the battle bacame nothing but a legend. Now after she was revived by Grodus, she will now continue her war, but Mrio and co. would never allow that, and they managed to defeat her. After she gets killed, she fades away into dark smoke.

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