Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dark Meta Knight (Kirby and the Amazing Mirror)

Darkmind isn't the only villain in the game.

Dark Meta Knight was created through the power of the Mirror World. When Meta Knight flew up to the mysterious world to save it, Dark Meta Knight was born through mirror except the mirror did the darkside of Meta Knight thus, created his evil copy. As soon as Meta Knight entered the Mirror World, he immediately encountered and battled Dark Meta Knight. The two squared off, but Meta Knight lost and was tossed into the mirror, and shattered the mirror into eight mirror shards, thus trapping Meta Knight away in it. When Kirby entered the Mirror World, he saw that the mirror was shattered, and went off to find the pieces.

You first encounter Dark Meta Knight in Radish Ruins, but Dark Meta Knight disguises himself as the real and true Meta Knight (he doesn't offer you sword though). When you defeat Dark Meta Knight, you will see his body is black, not blue, hinting that it is a fake Meta Knight. After collecting all mirror shards, you will be able to enter the mirror and middle. There, you will meet Meta Knight (the real one) and he will point his sword at his fake. While during the battle, Dark Meta Knight doesn't wear his disguise and he still won't offer you a sword. When you defeat him, you will gain entrance to Darkmind.

Dark Meta Knight makes a surprise return in Kirby Triple Deluxe as the supposed main antagonist of King Dedede's story mode. After King Dedede defeats Queen Sectonia in his story, the Mirror World mirror will appear surprisingly and release a Dark Dedede version of King Dedede. After King Dedede defeats him, the dark counterpart shatters into mirrors and the Mirror World mirror will suck Dedede into it. The King will then find himself in a familiar dark arena where the Mirror World mirror will appear and release Dark Meta Knight against Dedede. It's unknown why Dark Meta Knight is fighting Dedede since he never even made an appearance in the Amazing Mirror. Dark Meta Knight apparently might've survived the events of his previous defeat (with hints being his mask drops blood sometimes.) After Dark Meta Knight is defeated, he'll get sucked back into the Mirror World mirror, allowing Dedede to finish him off by shattering it/

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