Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spooky (Pac-Man World 2)

This ancient ghost is a huge threat to Pac-Land and the highest ranking Ghost in the universe. A ghost so powerful that it makes the other ghosts look like insects. His goal: Give the Golden Fruit to Wormwood, a tree that is used by Spooky to destroy the Golden Fruit.

You see, Spooky was a powerful evil to the ancestors of Pac Land. They managed to defeat it with a wizard, and a brave knight. The great wizard Pac magically turned the fruit of Pac-Land, into the magical Golden Fruit. While the brave Sir Pacelot (LOL) battled Spooky and sealed the evil ghost inside a tree and placed the fruit on the tree keeping Spooky inside there for decades.

But one night, the Ghost Gang were strolling around the Pac-Village at night and discovered the Golden Fruit on the tree. Without thinking twice, they plucked the fruit and began arguing on who got the fruit, not long before the realized the cluds growing dark and the evil being appear out of the tree before their eyes. Spooky then commanded the Ghost Gang to be his minions and bring the Golden Fruit to Wormwood on their homeland and put them on the tree so that it will destroy the fruit and get rid of Pac-Land for good.

When Pac-Man found out about this, he went out to defeat the ghosts. Once you defeat all the Ghosts and obtain all the Golden Fruit and defeat Wormwood, Spooky will get very mad, and decides to destroy Pac-Land himself, and warps himself over to Pac-Village. Pac-Man returns to the village and places the Golden Fruit back on the tree, and he is rewarded with a golden power-up, that will give the stregnth to defeat his arch nemisis. Spooky then arrives and challenges Pac-Man, but looses and gets sucked back into the tree once again.

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